Saturday, February 21, 2015

8 Weeks and Counting Boston Marathon 2015

Note: Of course when I was talking about my 5x1500m runs I meant my heart rate was between 160 ~ 65 BPM around 90% of my max HR.


  1. Really interesting Scott. Music was a nice touch as well.
    Are you going to work your training towards the Boston course? I believe a lot is down hill with THE HILLS coming at the end.
    BTW Have you read " Duel in the Sun" ?
    Good luck tomorrow....seems a good plan.

  2. Good luck for you too in the Tokyo marathon Jon. Try to finish as fast as you can. It's going to start raining about noon by that time you might welcome a bit of light refreshment to wash the sweat off. As for Boston I'll do some specific runs but mostly I'll be running a lot of my everyday runs on up down courses and practicing a lot on good downhill running form. If I can be in good shape by about the 30K mark, top of the last hill, I'll cruise home. I'm a bit worried about this course but between now and then I want to get in 2 or 3 40K plus long runs and those should make me tough enough to handle anything

  3. Yes, work on those downhills. You need strong quads!

  4. Wow Scott. You're a changed man. Full of confidence running well and injury free. I'm so pleased for you my man. Keep it up. Looking forward to the VO2 video.

  5. You're going well Scott. Further to Bob's comment - I was talking to Martin Fryer yesterday and he said doing a tough downhill session (smashing the quads) about 10 days out from a race conditions them perfectly for race day. He said you'll be sore for a few days but come race day you won't have any quad cramping problems at all.

  6. Thanks Ewen, that is good to know. I will do a session like that at the time you said. I'm a bit worried about that aspect of the course. I pulled up 3 seconds short of going sub 3hrs in the Big Island marathon because the first 10 K was steep downhill and the quads locked up with 2K to go! It wasn't pretty. Did Mr. Martin Fryer go into any specifics on that "quad smashing" session? Thanks again.

    1. He has a couple - for this year's 6' track marathon (he's a high A/G finisher), he did a 4 x Mt Taylor (steep hill in Canberra), up and down HARD, the four different ascent tracks. He's also done Mt Tennent double where he climbs and runs down hard twice, really attacking the down. You'll be sore for quite a few days afterwards.

  7. He said scientific studies have shown it takes 10 days for the micro-muscle tears to repair. Knows his stuff re ultras and training for tough mountain runs/marathons.