Sunday, June 01, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

On Saturday too I went and did a "running form check" I'll let you know about the results when I see the guy next week for a follow up consultation. Also I'll know whether or not I can get into Osaka marathon this coming Thursday.


  1. Hope your afternoon run went well. My tactic with heat is simply to run slower. I have now got to the stage where I will not RACE in the heat. All the Nambanners in today's Marathon failed to finish. Probably smarter not to have started in the first place. Good luck.

  2. Hope your Japanese viewers know what "hit for six" means ; ) I'm a big fan of the late arvo run in summer - even if it's 30C, feels much cooler with the sun low. Bit hard though if you're out for 3 hours. Good to hear the injuries have settled - not only due to sensible training as I suspect the healthy beard has something to do with it.

  3. Thanks for the comments fellas. As for the beard Ewen. I have you to thank again for paving the way. Don't know if I'd of had the guts to grow this if guys like you hadn't shown the way! ;)

    I actually gave my run today the flick! After a lunch of sushi and beer I lost all motivation. I really didn't feel like going and with my new way of looking at things like this I figure this is a sign that the body, mind or both need a rest.

    I'd rather go running than relax and drink beer so I know now when I don't want to run I should understand that there are good reasons for it. I'm looking at things long term now and while I'm not totally convinced that I've got it all right I do know that if I continued like I have been doing the last few years I'd be broken and out of this game before I'm 55.

    I want to do the best I'm capable of in regards to my running and that means focusing on staying running without injury as long as I can and having it remain something that I'd rather do that sit on my arse. I know if I want to get really good the workout will have to be there and I can't go missing too many days but if I'm sure of anything I'm sure that won't get there if I push it.

  4. 'Hit for six", "give it the flick" and "arvo" are all not in my vocabulary. I assume arvo means afternoon. How it got there from afternoon, I have no idea, but that's Aussies for ya.
    Sushi and beer is a nice arvo.

  5. I'm with Bob on the Aussie slang..."Nap"? is that a type of Aussie fartlek session? or am I mixing it up with "forty winks".... here's one ;-)