Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Week 12 Osaka Marathon Build Up.

Hope you are well, here's my update.


  1. Hi Scott. It's funny you talking about the heat when the last couple of days have been the first for months when I haven't been tempted to wear girlie arm-warmers ;)

    The weight this year v last is a great sign. You're looking fit! Sounding sensible too. Is that one of those titanium necklaces? I bought one at the GC & wear it mainly to stir people by saying what a difference it makes.

  2. thanks for dropping by. great that you are in good shape. looking good for your upcoming marathon. i'm in the lottery for tokyo 2013. hopefully we might catch-up there ?

  3. Hi Scott, I think many runners rush into their training and burnout before the big event so its good to see you are being sensible and pacing yourself1
    Being lighter should mean less ponding on your body!
    And when the heat subsides you should be flying.
    All the best, may your body hold together for the duration.