Monday, August 06, 2012

Medicine Ball Routine

(Excuse the hissing, it's my Macbook Pros' fault. I'll take the blame for anything else)

I got this routine from a download I bought by "Jay Johnson" it's called "Building a Better Runner. Building From the Ground Up." Plenty in it for doing just that, I reckon.

I'm going to do another two weeks of steady running and then start in earnest at week 14 with the more serious training. I will keep you up dated and try to put a few numbers/details in it (although not my strong suit) so as it may be of help to you.

I hope you are all enjoying the Olympics as I am.




  1. Any workout that can be done while watching the Tee-Vee is a good one for me...

  2. Good! Anything that works the core is good.

  3. I was enjoying the Olympics until Eddie rambled on for 10 minutes during the marathon about some human interest story & wouldn't let Deek describe the action that was actually happening in the race!

    Anyway, looks good. I'd be up for a medicine ball routine. Cheaper than an abdoer twist and you know how I am with money ;-)

  4. Thanks for the Video mate but I'll stick to watching BodyRock TV

  5. P.s. great to see your training well and I look forward to seeing you run a good marathon soon.
    All the best!