Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 3

Sun LRP 23K
Mon LRP 12K
Tue 8K am & 10K pm LRP
Wed 20K LRP
Thu 11K on TM plus gym wkout
Fri Off
Sat RRP 20K



  1. Yes, sounds like your computer fan needs a good squirt of oil ;-)

    104k with a day off and 23k as a long run is a nice week. I like the week-to-week idea rather than setting out a long schedule. Good to see the achilles is holding up well (as are your Twitter jokes: Mad Max: Beyond Geodesic Domes #MovieMath - that was a good'un!)

  2. I agree with Ewen, it was a good week. And as you know, I am in favor of one day off a week.
    The "sore to the touch" is a bit worrisome, but hopefully it won't get worse.
    Just saw Spiderman, it was pretty good - better than the previous ones, I thought. Take the family to see it.

  3. SWcott did I send you this video on healing a sore tendon?
    It really worked for me!
    Enjoy your video updates and wishing you the best :0]

  4. Dam why do I always get a Typo error when I've been drinking, sorry Scott!

  5. Thanks Rick, I'll definitely try that! And Ewen that joke was for my more intelligent followers, didn't think you'd get it! And Bob a family movie night is on the cards, for sure.