Sunday, January 30, 2011

Riddle me this!

Osaka Half Marathon 2011

What do you call it when you don't go under your best time but had a race that you thought was your best ever?

Well whatever it's called I had one of those today! I'm waiting for the chip times to be posted but I have me about 40 seconds shy of my PB.

It was a good race, plenty of support, and I felt good throughout. A couple of things slowed me down and probably put pay to a PB. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "I was robbed" just making note of it cause I think it was significant.

Firstly, I was in the 2nd block back from the start which meant I had to battle my way through the first two K nudging slower runners when I had to. One fella wasn't too happy about this and threw his cold protecting "garbage bag" at me as I past. I lost about 10 seconds slowing down so I could give it back to him (Yes, I'm petty and vengeful too) ;)

After a few laps of Osaka Castle we were out on the road straight into a heavy head wind! This didn't help matters as it was just 3 degrees and the wind felt like it was going through the bones. Still, this was OK at first but with every turn it seemed to change course and be pushing back into our faces. This really didn't let up until the last 3K when it was at our backs. One guy I talked to later reckons that cost everyone at least two minutes and I agree the bloody thing almost bought me to a stop on occasion.

Well, I know I had a good race and that I'm in the best shape I've ever been so that's good enough for me! And another thing I'm pleased about is in the last K I past this guy I know to be a great runner and I have never beaten him before so unless he just had a really bad day; I'm making progress.

I've got another half in 3 weeks and even though it's a high climb up and back course I might PB there if it's a calm windless day ;)

The photo sees me heading for the goal (I'm the one in the attractive arm warmers in front of the guy in blue).

The boys and I after the race. Yes the sign says "Osaka Womens Marathon" the half I did was part of this and open to everyone. The elite women started at Nagai Stadium, our goal, and they looped back to Nagai stadium after running up to Osaka Castle, our start. The lead women past us at about our 10K mark. This along with the amount of crowd support, of course mostly for the ladies, was great and made us all feel like rock stars!


1st 5K split (18:37)
10K 37:05 5K split (18:28)
15K 56:11 5K split (19:06)
20K 1:15:42 5K split (19:31)
last 1K and a bit(3:41)
Finish 1:19:23


  1. Nice going Scott, stick with the plan and your see amazing improvement to come and a mind blowing new marathon P.B. in the near future :]

  2. P.S. Last year when I smashed my 1/2 P.B. I had a massive block headwind for the last 3 miles, I felt like I was in 1.17 shape, but even so I still ran my best ever time.
    it gave me great confidence for the marathon!
    Just one thing, Next week I would recommend keeping to the lower level of each training zone and especially run the level one sessions very- very easy.
    That way your bounce back even stronger and 'Amaze Us All' with some super fast races :]
    Moral; Keep a little spare fuel in the tank next week!
    Take it easy Rick

  3. Thanks Rick

    As always I appreciate all your help and support!

    Were would we be without you! A bit/lot slower I'd expect!!

  4. Anonymous6:53 PM

    despite the wind, still a great start to 2011. that pb is surely just around the corner.

  5. Yes, an excellent run in that wind. The top women had a tough time.
    You had a strong finish, too, which is nice.
    I agree with Rick - take it easy next week.

  6. Well done. Good effort.

  7. Congratulations on a great race and what looks to me like a fantastic time!

    If you really are in the greatest shape ever, and I have no reason to doubt this, then a true PR will come soon.



  10. Great run Scott. That's the first time I heard the garbage dude excuse. How come you got placed in the second pen anyway?

  11. It sounds like you had a great race. Frustrating about the start. Having to zig zag through slower runners can be draining and then the wind! Well done.

  12. Congrats! Amazing time. :) I'm jealous - you live in Japan AND you are fast as hell. lol!

  13. Good running Scott! Great to see you yesterday - it was really funny seeing that guy throw his garbage bag at you!!!

  14. You’re fast and there’s no way you should have started that far back. Next time, be rude and push your way to the front before the race starts and don’t worry about upsetting the other runners (you will not be seeing them again).

    I was looking through the results from a bunch of my recent races and you would have won several of them outright.

    Nice race.

    All the best,


  15. Nice one Scott. Yes, the answer to your riddle is that often best times don't align with best races. Geb and Tergat in the 10,000 at Sydney for instance.

    Next time if you start in the second corral I'll be expecting you to put the shoulder in, in true Aussie Rules style ;)

    Did you catch sight of Sarah in the full? No results on the IAAF site as yet.


    Try the above Ewen. Is that her at 2:40:53? I shouted "I'm a friend of Ewens!" to every passing foriegn woman I but got nothing except looks of confusion and pity!

  17. Yes, that's her. Not a PB, so don't think she'd be totally happy. Will let you know "mate" ;)

  18. hey Scott, unlucky on the crazy face mask incident. was chatting to my mother-in-law on Sunday and she said the weather in Osaka was horrible.

    hope the next race gets you beyond the PB, i'm working hard on getting faster in case we run together in the summer :)

  19. Scott, she was hoping to run faster but found the last 10k into the wind tough. Had a Japanese girl drafting off her the first 25k and was by herself running the last 12k.

    I'm going to have to get you to educate those Japanese ladies to do their fair share of the work in marathons ;)

  20. Yes, she is exactly right, the last 10K was hard into the wind! Blowing us straight!

    Actually I saw her running by herself and yelled out "SALMON!!!"
    I don't think she heard me in the wind gusts she had her head down and striding for home.

    She could take off 5 minutes for the wind over the whole marathon so should be too down on herself, she did herself proud with what she did!!