Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of sorts

A day of rest.

Feeling a little out of sorts today and didn't run. I'm not sure if I'm just fighting off a bug or if I've just been running too much too fast of late. I had this kind of feeling at the end of my last training cycle when was doing 200K weeks. While I've only been running about half of that mileage recently I've done plenty of speedwork and I have a similar sort of pain in my lower back kidney area and I generally feel like someones put a big syringe in me and sucked out my energy!

Anyway should be fine after a couple of days rest and even feel a little better after spending time in the sauna tonight.

What I know now is I'm not going to run when I'm feeling like this anymore, I learnt this the hard way last time when I almost ended up in hospital! You can ignore most everything I say but I reckon, like Thomas, that recovery is the key to a long and successful running life and I'd advise you to forget about keeping up a "Running Streak" for its own sake. I reckon you don't have to take a break, day off, unless you feel bad but definitely have a down week, with less effort and mileage, once a month, whether you think you need it or not!


  1. I agree have a rest day when ever you feel you need it.well done on your 10k

  2. Sounds like a good idea Scott.Just one thing I found when that happened to me some months ago.Dont be afraid to feed on race nutrition i.e. gels or isotonic drinks for really hard training.If it gives ya the boost you need to get through a hard session its worth it.I dont like to do it normally but found it got me through 2 or 3 runs where I was flat and got me back on track.

  3. After the ten K you might have needed to back off a bit to recover.
    You can do this by running your sessions at the lower end of each training zone.
    I also found when training for London last year taking a protein drink straight after hard training helped speed up recovery.
    Where to stay in the different running zones :

    "Hi Marius,
    When training at the different work levels should one try and stay at the upper level of each zone; ie in the 2.45 plan Level 3 is from Marathon to 1/2 marathon pace, so I guess what I'm asking will best results be had by staying at the upper level of each zone or should you go by feel ie on a good day hold the upper level of each zone, but if say you feel a big tired stay closer to the lower level of each zone?"

    Answer: Hi Rick, excellent question!

    My advice is this : on most days (the "average day"), start at the lower end of the zone and work yourself up - and then from about half way through stay in the higher end stable for the remaining of the workouts. On "tired days" you can stay in the lower end the whole session and maybe only push a bit up in the last 5-10 minutes. Now, if you feel great a particular day -usually identified with running fast AND getting heart rate fast up without any effort - then stay flat at the higher end the whole session. I've tested this with lactate testing and this makes it the most accurate in terms of actual lactate on the blood tests.

    I wish you all the best with your training, Marius

  4. Good call Scott. I'd hate to see you doing a Thomas and ending up with pneumonia.

    Agree with Rick about watching recovery after all-out races (esp 10k and up) and getting protein (chocolate milk) straight after hard sessions.

    One day they'll get these heart-rate-variability watches perfected to tell us if we need a day off.

  5. Great advice Scott! I think for many of us who have adopted running as a lifestyle, it's definitely much much harder to not run than it is to run! Rest well my friend.

    I've definitely been delinquent in coming over too. Glad to reestablish contact =)