Sunday, February 01, 2009


I didn't have long to wait to see if my last fast 10k training run was just an aberration. On Saturday, while attending my regular boxing class with my eldest son the coach informed us that the 3K race for Casey and the 10K race for me were on the following day. While I knew that we were signed up for it, we were to run representing this small local boxing gym, I thought it was for April as a race with the same name is run then as well.

Anyway this Sunday morning Casey, 8 years old, ran his first 3K race in 22:34 and I the 10K, PBing in 37:19. Sorry I couldn't get 36 mins something like Ewen had said but I appreciate him thinking that I was capable of doing such a time.

You know, it wasn't so long ago that I thought it impossible to get near any of the kind of times I'm getting now, I scarcely believe it myself. But I know that without this blog, your feedback and encouragement I wouldn't have been able to do it.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu (roughly translated "Thanks, I look forward to your continued well wishes and support.")


  1. Congratulations Scott. That is fantastic. I bet you are glad that you signed up for that 10K. Yahoo!

  2. Well done, especially if you didn't taper or freshen up for the run.

    Now you can focus on smashing that 3 hour mark in the marathon.

  3. That was lucky. Your wife didn't have time to prepare a big pre-race meal of BBQ'ed black fish.

    Damn good time Scott. I've only run faster a handful of times and that was as a pup. You'll get 36-something - maybe 35-something. Now that would be something!

    あなたはスーパースターです (roughly translated "You're the man").

  4. Man, that's fantastic! I do, however, doubt that it's blogging that got you across the line in that time - I'm blogging and couldn't hope for that time!

    As a side point, Adelaide missed it's temperature PB by 1.2 degrees (it only got to 38.8, meaning we equaled the 1908 heat wave record).

  5. Well done, Scott! Fantastic time! I've never run anywhere near that time even when I was a puppie!

  6. Wow, 37:19 is faaaaantastic!!! Huge congrats.

    I know your goal is the marathon but you must be left wondering what you can get your 10k time down to.