Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"I am Legend!"

Before you start thinking something like "He is Wanker" that blog title doesn't refer to me but to my new training grounds. For the past 4 months I've been getting up early, 4 am, twice a week and driving into one of my University jobs, one, to save time on the commute, and two, to use the facilities at a sports complex just near my school.

As in the movie with the above title it is always completely empty and I get that same sense that I did from watching the movie "I am Legend." Still don't really understand why nobody uses it, it has some prime running tracks, two 400 meter tracks and a 3km loop of red sponge track that winds its way around the complex between brand spanking tennis courts , soccer grounds and baseball stadiums.

I'm sure people are using it on weekends and later in the day, but truly I haven't seen hide nor hair of anyone there between 6:00 and 9:00am the times I'm usually there and it is all pretty bizarre.

Not complaining mind you but to make it perfect it would just need a few friendly/ large eyed women spread evenly, so to speak, around the track gently shouting words of encouragement. I've gone too far again haven't I?

Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves. To finish off, I will tell you that things are fine with my training the last two weeks being at 119kms and 120kms respectively. If I can just hold up without breaking I will be set for a great marathon come August.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful place to train! Well, except for the lack of scenery ;-)

  2. Sweet! I want a place like that to run every now and then. But, having said that, I'm too lazy to get up at 4:00 am!

    Oh, and in my book, the consistent k's you've been putting in every week add up to "legend".

  3. Great looking facility, suprising that it is deserted during those times I would have thought that only the 'fattest nation' would be the only place that has no-one using a sporting ground ;-)

    Great mileage aswell I can see a PB in the making, Townsville has the best weather for sport this time of year

  4. All those kms, you are legend in my book :)

    The training facility looks great, I can't believe nobody else is out there early especially this time of year.

  5. Where are all the weeds? I want a photo of you standing there with your dog and gun.

    Lucky bastard.. um, I mean legend.

    That 3km loop would be just the thing for long intervals. I don't think you've gone too far with a desire for a multitude of large-eyed women - that's the least that 120k/week legends deserve.

    Keep holding up ;)

  6. That is amazing Scott. Both distance wise and facility wise. You seem to be doing well without trackside encouragement. I think you would quickly become distracted.

  7. Yes I did wonder at the title, but with those kms, as others have said, you are a 'legend'. What a fantastic place to run, is it making you spoiled for anywhere else?

  8. No, you are bastard.

    Actually, if you did have the doe-eyed sideline support then you really would be bastard. But that's great that you have all that to yourself. Well, kind of great...don't you feel a bit sad and lonely? After these years of living cheek by jowl with fellow humans I would feel kind of freaked out if somebody wasn't jostling and bothering me. Oji-sans on bicycles blowing clouds of smoke who veer into your path at the last minute, obaa-chans with Po-chan on a leash extending 3 m across the running course, packs of meandering junior high schoolers ... that's what running in Japan is about, man. I don't know how you can survive without that kind of companionship.

    Nice mileage too, by the way;-)