Sunday, June 08, 2008

Love vibration

122kms this week and another trip into uncharted territory that sees me sore but still standing, albeit against a wall. Its been a good month, I've only missed one short run and clocked up close to 450 kms. Next week I'm going to drop the kms, think I'll aim for about 80K, and try to get one quality speed work session in. Any suggestions for the this week I basically just want to keep on rolling but at the same time give the body a bit of a rest?

I have to thank my long suffering wife and kids for allowing me the time to indulge in such a frivolous pass time and the new Ipod. I bought it three weeks ago and have found that it has allowed me to make the time spent running just that little bit more interesting. I've of course been listening to music but have also been downloading books, 1 hour biographies, and other much longer books that interest me and on occasion have found that I'm running longer just so I can listen some more. All this has been a revelation for me as I have never run with earphones and in fact, I thought previously that it would be detrimental to my ability to run with good style and think the thoughts that serve as a kind of meditation for me. But so far I've found only positives with this.

Well, on with the show. The youtube clip is one of the songs that I've been listening to on my runs lately. Good beat for running this.


  1. Fantabulous party Scott! The pizza looked like it shaded your wife's rice/black fish combo for scrumptiousness. Was that you sans-beard in the camel-coloured shirt? Thought I recognised your dancing style.

    I also like the iPod for easy runs - only got it at Christmas. So far, so good - only fallen down twice.

    My suggestion, if you want to just absorb the 450ks (!) is daily easy runs of 45-60 minutes (no long run), with one speedwork session mid-week - but not a 'killer' session. Perhaps a 'ladder' so you're working at slightly different speeds (not flat out) - maybe 200, 300, 500, 1000, 500, 300, 200 with one lap jog recoveries, or something like that.

  2. I think I caught a glimpse of me at that party. May have been at the copier.

    Congratulations on the record week Scott. That's a big effort. Ewen's advice looks spot on for this week.

    I have never used an iPod but you got my attention when you mentioned listening to books. Now that may have possibilities.

  3. I enjoy the occasional run with the Ipod. I really liked it the day that the Chariots of Fire theme came on (the selection is whatever is on my husband's ITunes) - it gave me a boost but is a pretty slow song to run to. I like to listen to audio books in the car but I do get distracted by my own thoughts at times so I'm not sure if I could run to them.

  4. Geez Scott, I go away with work for a month and not only do you go and get bold, but you run 75% of my year's kms in the month! Great running!

    I've recently discovered the joy of audio books for long distance driving. They're a fantastic way to stay awake for hours at a time.

  5. Groovy :) I think I will have to snaffle it.

    Yeah, welcome to the iPod wearing runners club! There are some great podcasts to be got also, especially from the ABC website. Maybe they're not all good for running but lots are worth listening to.

    Oh, and fantastic running by the way.

  6. Scott, I read this post a week or so ago and was in a hurry, didn't click through to comment. Great going on the mileage. I might have advised scaling back on both mileage and intensity for a week before coming back for another crack at about the same. I think you need to do that at some point several weeks before the taper proper to give your body a bit of a chance to catch up and adapt. Check your heart rates and sleeping patterns carefully for signs of over-training. But generally looks fantastic!

  7. p.s. the music was alright. Not a patch on Hadouken but... eh Ewen?

  8. if it is going good for you, then keep going and make hay while the sun shines

  9. Steve, only you know how highly I rate Hadouken - their "greatest hits" album is right up there with my extended party mix of duff-duff music.

  10. Looks like your build up is going well so far; excellent news.

    I am a recent convert to the ipod for running too. I don't do it very often but always enjoy it when I do. I'm wary of wearing it in the dark or on roads but if I am in the daylight and somewhere relatively safe I find it helps take your mind off the pain!