Sunday, April 13, 2008

PB and a half

I'm looking forward to reading all your blogs on how things in Canberra went so post as soon as you can. I couldn't wait to post this one. I had a half marathon today and PBed by a whopping 4 mins! Only two months ago I was running 1:35 for the half and today I did 1:23 and some change. Really doubted this at first but it was a chip time and this course is the same one I ran a couple of times before.

To say I'm happy would be to understate it. I have a full marathon next weekend and if all things work out there I should be PBing again :)

I'm going to have a bath and spend the night with my family and my nephew who is in Japan now and visiting with us, see photos. My nephew said to me, after the race today, "You're bloody fast." That's enough to make an old uncle very proud ;)

Anyway hurry up with those Canberra reports.

My official time 1:23:41 43rd place, that's out of 2010 people entered.


  1. Wow!!!!!

    Sensational. That is a HUGE improvement; congrats!

    PS Yes, I'm a bit of a fan of white teeth & muscles ;-)

  2. Man! You are on fire. What a fantastic time. Scott I am blown away by your amazing improvement and development as a ruuner. Keep it up.

  3. That's fantastic Scott, faster than Mr lulu's half PB and he came very close to three hours on Sunday... way too close!

  4. That's OK, I guess.

    Have you ever told the boys if the wind changes while they're pulling faces like that, they'll end up as ugly as you?

    Seriously now mate, great time!

  5. Mate, that fortune cookie is looking like a safer bet by the day. Well done!

  6. That is a fantastic run! Nice work and good luck for next week.

  7. Morsey, where you at? I can't find you. Please show me the way.


  8. Great time Scott! That's an incredible improvement. Good luck with the marathon.

  9. Holy crap!!!! That's serious fast!

    Huuuuuuge congrats. Wow, what's the secret??? I'm sure Ewen would say its something to do with black fish.

    So where is the mara next weekend? What's the goal?

    Gees, big year for you :)

  10. Where did you pull that from? That is just fantastic.

    And on top of that you are going to go for a Marathon PB the next week end!!!! Whatever happened to the old rule - one day recovery for each mile raced? Don't try to tell me you didn't race the Half now.