Friday, July 20, 2007

Time for a holiday

I thought I'd post something that I could relate to. This is from a blog of a woman "Binary Blonde" I read her blog every now and then but never comment, shame on me, anyway It's good to know that apart from "runners" there are many interesting/kind/sensitive/funny people out there.


  1. Hmmmm, that pretty much sums up my week - more possibility than you can imagine and yet I still went absolutely nowhere.

    Yes, there is a whole life time worth of blogs out there - some really worth looking at - but if we looked at all the blogs (even just the worthy ones) I think life would slip by while we were at the computer..... running blogs excepted.

  2. Yes, every Thursday I think it's time for a holiday.

    Interesting - I also read quite a few blogs I don't comment on for one reason or another.

    I know you can take whatever I dish out, so hence the regular comments ;)

  3. Most, actually make that all, of the other blogs I read are music ones. I don't comment but I do take advantage of the free music downloads they offer :)

  4. Yep, we do need that reality check of reading up on bloglife outside of the running ones. There are many wonderful ones that provide much we can learn from.

  5. Like Bay, that sums up my week. I sometimes wax philisophical, but then I think, well really, just as the cartoon puts it.

  6. Dude, get yourself a bike and home trainer set up (invest in a good trainer, like a 'fluid' - When high mileage falls out the window for whatever reason, get some bang for your buck on that. Most time-efficient workout there is.

    ..which of course leaves more time for holidays! :-)