Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year 10K Report

Vince and I

Well, not good news with today's race. I think I'm officially in a slump. I should have run at least 36:00 today but all I could manage was 38:20. Actually feel a little sick over it. Not because I really care about times but I'm big on doing what I trained for. You know I have been training to run a PB here and my training partner Vince Bosco did what he was capable of today, 34:35, so I'm left wondering what went wrong?! The first 5K was OK but the last not so much. Could be my ankles? I also did have a strange feeling in my right quad from about the 6th K and a stitch at the 9th but I just don't know. I'd like to take the easy way out and say I'm just getting old but while it's true it is not the reason for this slump (I ran a faster 10K in my half from 10K to 20 a few weeks ago). Anyway too early to panic yet I still have a few more races coming up where I could very well turn this around but for now there is nothing for it than to get back to training. Yes, it pays to be sanguine about these things and I know my coach, Sean William, Vince, Ewen and most of you guys will encourage me to just get back to it. Just allow me a little self pity and a bottle of wine or two and I'll hit it again! All the best to you all in your upcoming training and racing. Leave you with one of my favorite running quotes. It seems relevant today.

                "Ultimate lows are followed by ultimate highs." Coach Stew


  1. Wel, at least you look happy in the photo. Probably because the damn race was over!
    Yes, a bottle or two of wine will make the world seem a brighter place.

  2. I'll allow you half a bottle of wine Scott. No more.
    To me, it sounds like it's physical rather than mental, as you were psyched up for a good race. I presume you didn't go out with Vince and run some ridiculous first 3k at 3:25 pace or something. I know Sean will be onto it with your programme, but my 2 cents would be to keep the low-stress high leg speed/short (full recovery) type sessions going but drop anaerobic 1500m repeats etc. Good re the consistent long runs; maybe have a mid-week long'un in there too (25-28k)? Anyway, keep truckin' old son.