Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Training


  1. It HAS been a while, I was about to email you. Well, glad to hear the training is going well. Let's stay healthy and get in good shape for the fall.

  2. Reading my August issue of Track & Field News. In the Status Quo section I found:
    '08 Olympian Erin Donohue returned to racing with an Adidas GP1000 win after missing the last 2 years due to Haglund's Deformity. The bony enlargement at the back of the heel often leads to painful bursitis and/or Achilles pain.

  3. Thanks Bob! Yes I've checked out the photos of that so called Haglund's Deformity and mine looks and feels pretty much how they describe it! A big worry but it is not a constant problem and has disappeared before and will again with some work. If anyone reading here can help I will name my next born son after them. Well as long as they don't have a strange name like "Ewen". ;)

    1. Ha, ha, ha!
      Not sure I can help Scott. A mate of mine had bursitis on the heel (quite a lump). From memory he went a few rounds of cortisone injections over a good period of time. Also, finding shoes that "worked" for him. Cutting shoes so they didn't rub, heel raisers made out of old rubber thongs; lots of experimentation and mucking about.

      Anyway, hope the training continues to go well. Sean knows his stuff - good bloke.