Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Getting Faster One Day at a Time.

Hope you're all well. Things are fine here. Slowly getting back to some decent mileage. Have already done a couple of marathon pace tempo runs and on my second week of weights and strength training. I''m definitely feeling stronger.

In the next few posts here I'll go into the specifics of this training but in the meantime I wanted to share this video I came across with you. I plan to start such exercises, though at a little less intensity, in the summer months here.

Enjoy this video and try incorporating a few of these exercises and drills yourself. Come the racing season I reckon we'll be hitting new highs.

Message to Mark's wife. When Mark get's better I recommend he go and see "Coach" Rick Hoffman.



  1. My God, you are joking, right? Every one of those (except the reverse situps) puts tremendous stress on the knees. I would not even do one of them, much less all of them. Even watching the video is painful. Do those and you will not have any meniscus left in a very short amount of time.

  2. This is Marks wife here. Mark is unfortunately recovering from a rather serious injury. So enthused was he with this clip, he even incorporated into his routine the singlet tucked into the short shorts. The latest from the urologist is that it's hard to say when he'll be fully operational again.

  3. Bob Pffft. Meniscus ferniscus!!! I've only got 40 years tops before I'm dead and I don't see the point of being buried with working knees! ;)

    As for Mark, I hope you recover soon buddy. I'm recommending a good "coach" for you (see main post). ;)

  4. Hey Scott thanks for the link to that Gordon Pirie download. Some great stuff in there, like cutting off the back of your running shoe to free up the Achilles tendon. Crazy shit!

  5. Classic video Scott. Get yourself some even tighter shorts, tuck the singlet in and you'll be singing high to match the high jumping. Can't wait to see your huge triple jump and 110 hurdles PBs come the track season :)