Saturday, May 10, 2014

13 days on the run.

Chatting briefly about my progress so far now into day 13 of my Lydiard base building phase. Like I wanted to say before I got cut off, I will build the Sunday long run up over the 10 week base building phase, last week I ran a hilly 22K in about an hour forty five and today I did a hilly 25K in 2:03:00. I'll keep adding to that total so that by the end of the 10 week period I'm doing 2:30~ 3hour long runs maxing out at around 36K. Might do a few on a flat loop course but mostly I'll do my long runs on the hilly roads around my home. Nothing like these to build conditioning.


  1. A nice beginning with super consistency. Arthur would be proud of you. Just about to launch into a new program myself. Have decided my Sunday long run needs to be longer with at least half at MP. Won't do them all on the road though. Every other week I'll hit the trails just as Jack Foster used to do.

  2. Hi Scott, good to see your running injury free.
    I got up to week 7 of my base training then pulled my left Achilles tendon, so will have to rest for a couple of weeks.
    I hope to start Pete Magill training once he gets his website up and running!

  3. You're ticking along well young fella. Don't envy you that humidity - we've been enjoying some lovely sunny, cool and calm days lately.