Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Nagano: Pulling the plug!

Apart from what I stated in the video I just haven't been able to get comfortably near marathon pace in my longer runs and I know from experience that if I can't do it in training I won't be able to do it come race day. I think my basic plan for the next six months will be to do one regular long run, over two and a half hours, every week. One speed session and one marathon pace tempo type run. I want to get it so running 3:45 per K is relatively easy and if I can I know I will be able to pull off something special in my next marathon. In the 10K I did today I did about 4:15 per K and it seemed fast and uncomfortable to me. This is due to some general tiredness and lingering injuries. Perhaps some time off and a couple of weeks of real slow jogging, Phil Maffetone style, will do the trick.



  1. It's tough and disappointing when one has to pull the plug Scott. It is a setback for sure, however, a rest and a slight adjustment to your goals maybe good medicine.

  2. That's a real shame but probably the right decision. You've done more than enough sub-par (for you that is, I'd kill for them) marathons already.

  3. You're right Thomas. Even Ewen stopped putting his hard earned on me with centre bet! ;)

  4. Too bad, but the right decision. As for an August marathon, forget it! I can't believe you would even think about that. Take a month off, yes a month off, and see if all your injuries are gone. If not, take another month off. THEN start training with the goal of an October marathon. And if you're not in good shape in September, make it a December marathon.
    Take the advice of a 66 year old who is still running well — taking time off to completely heal is the smartest thing you can do!

  5. It's a wise man who can realise that it's not working and reassess. Taking time to pull it all back and recover is probably the most sensible thing you can do.

  6. Good decision Scott. I don't want to be putting my hard earned on you NOT to break 2:50 if you were to run Nagano!
    The Wagga Trail Marathon is in August http://www.waggaroadrunners.com/MarWE_Weekend.php something different - no time pressure, sub-3 would get you on the podium and good training for October.
    Re the tiredness, get thyroid function (TSH) blood tested. Tiredness and sore muscles are a symptom of low thyroid function.
    On extending your fast marathoning career into your 60s, maybe have some years where you don't race a marathon. Also a good idea to have a couple of 2-week 6 month spaced breaks from running (post big race, marathon (?)) a year, and/or a period of 2 months or so of low mileage, run for fun type of running before building up again. Keep racing (short) and/or doing some sort of speedwork as speed/strength is what declines as you age.
    Easy jogging for a few weeks should do you good, and you should regain your mojo if there are no underlying health issues.