Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year 2013


  1. Hope your injuries abate soon.
    Running a 10K race on a sore foot is not a good idea, but you know that....

  2. I see via Twitter that you've started that 10k, but geez, agree with Bob. You haven't been running, now racing a 10k and half injured, on the way to a marathon. Please explain.

    Anyway, if you get the right coach I think it'll pay off. Three years is enough time to get to 2:30 if you do everything right (and can side-step the injuries). Troopy does coaching - he'd be good.

  3. Thanks fellas

    Thankfully I was able to have a good run and not do anymore damage to myself. Did around 38:00 when I take into account the long course, they said it was around 500m long.

    Happy too as I'm 4kgs over my usual weight thanks to no running and the Xmas new year excess!

    Back into training from tomorrow and dieting and hopefully by the Osaka half on Jan 27th I'll be back on track.

    Ewen thanks for suggesting "Troopy" I never knew he did private coaching and I'll be more than happy to have him take me on but been talking seriously with Malcolm Campbell (some else I got to know from a link from you) and think I will go with him if he is able to do it.

    Anyway, thanks for everything last year, let's have a good one this year!

  4. Glad you survived it OK Scott - that'd put you around 36-low for an accurate course, so a good time under the circumstances.

    Good luck with Malcolm (or Troopy as a 2nd choice, but don't tell him that ;-)) Give it at least 2 marathon cycles (12 months?) - will take at least that long to straighten out your bad habits ;-)