Saturday, June 30, 2012



  1. Hi Scott,
    Good to see your improving and getting ready to marathon train again.
    I reckon you need to massage your tendon after each run as well as before, worked well for me in my recovery.
    If you can a solid base of training in then your should be able to set a load of new p.b.s!
    All the best mate and I will follow your progress with great interest.
    Not sure I'd want to cut out the beer completely even though I've cut down a bit!
    I found eating more fruit and veg, cutting out processed foods and getting a water distiller so all my drinking water is completely pure and void of fluoride and chlorine as well as heavy metals helps improve my energy and recovery levels.
    Also eggs awesome for helping the muscles recover quicker!

  2. Thanks for the advice/input Rick! Ive taken note and will try those things! Again thanks. What's the plan for your next full mara?

  3. Hi Scotty at this moment I'm not sure if I'll do another marathon for a while.
    I may work at rebuilding my speed and power!
    I'd like to run a sub 5 min mile!
    But I may return to London next year for one last try at smashing 2.45!
    It's all up in the air at the moment, anything is possible!
    It kind of depends on how my body responds over the coming months!

  4. Hi Scott. Good to know you're running 100k a week. I think cutting out alcohol for a month is a great idea. It will help your overall conditioning and you'll lose some weight as well.

  5. Hi Scott,

    I got into Osaka again this year, so I might see you at the start again this year. Good to hear your injuries are starting to improve. I have now moved up to Sapporo (from Sendai) and am really enjoying the trails and roads up here. Hopefully I'll be able to get in some quality miles before Osaka.


  6. Oh Scott, your skin is so smooth! ;-) Great idea to prove the Mrs wrong, but if you give up the booze what drugs will you use to kill the taste of her cooking?

    Seriously though, good to hear you're going well again. I like Rick's idea of massage before as well as after. Also, soak the lower legs in a plastic tub of iced water after runs (calves down) - you don't need a very big tub for this - you can sit in a chair and do it. Another thing, if you're doing a hard session (where you're pushing up onto the toes and working the achilles), do a long gradual warm-up of at least 4k before you get into it. If things are not feeling good after that, do an easier session.

    Thanks in advance for text updates of your future training.

  7. The bird is the word! Or so I've been told. ;) Anyway that is two Aussie Budgies that you are hearing, music to an expat's ears!