Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One hundred and four and not sore

I have in the week just finished, done my longest mileage to date. Did over 100kms for the week, 104 to be exact. The "104 and not sore" title isn't really true but saying "104 and shafted" doesn't have such a good ring to it. Took yesterday off, my short recovery run, as I felt weak as a kitten and a bit fluey but today Tuesday morning I did a nice slow 21kms and have come good again. Anyway I'll just keep trying to click the kms over and back off when things seem to be getting a bit wobbly, like Lulu said I should. Here is the week that was. Another one done, ten to go.

Mon 19 35 MIN RR 5:19 to 5:38 per K
Tue 20 3KTT warm up warm down did 11:13
Wed 21 1HR 30 MIN 4:50 - 5:27 per K
Thu 22 50 MIN RR 5:19 to 538 per K
Fri 23 12K @ mara pace 4:15 per K
Sat 24 15K around 5:15 per K
Sun 25 29K 4:50 - 5:27 per K

Total 104kms

You all have a good week.


  1. Well done for sticking to your plan. I hope you can sustain it. Before long you'll be looking like your old pal from last post.

  2. That's HUGE! Congratulations on the big week. Enjoy your next week :-)

  3. Weak as a kitten eh? Hang on a tick, I'll get you a saucer of milk.

    Good week Scott - and that 11:13 didn't go unnoticed :)

    "Who's bad?"

  4. A good weeks training Scott. It is wise to listen to your body and back off if necessary.

    I am intrigued by your use of bolding on certain words in your post. Is this some sort of Fruedian confessional?

  5. Glad someone picked up on it Robert Song. Just my way of checking to see if anyone is paying attention. Also works in lieu of a confessional ;)

    Still I appreciate Jen saying that it's "HUGE" and the others who are too innocent to notice.

  6. Tee hee :-)

    104 ... will you do more? 108 would be great.

  7. Then again, 110 is for real men - I know.

    It's best to be bold, many will say!

    Scott, I was waiting for someone from where dumb folks come to fine-cotton on to your clever game.

  8. Well done young fella! 104 is awesome. You sure are going to reap the rewards of such hard work.

  9. That is fantastic- more kms in a week than I can manage in a month! Nice work.