Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another day older and deeper in...

Hope you`re all well. I`m fine enjoying my holiday with the family and clocking up the Ks. Running between 10 and 18kms a day not doing anything fancy, no speedwork, hills etc, just happy to be getting in the miles.

When I go back in Sept I`ll get a bit more serious and plan for my coming races starting in early Oct with a full marathon in December in Japan.

This brings me to my point.(bloggers rule #1 "have a point") This Thursday the 16th I turn 43 and I was hoping I could get a little advice about how you reckon I should proceed from this year on in relation to my running life.

Sure I will and should take my own decision in regards to this but I would be interested in your comments along the lines of "If I were you I`d ......"

Just a brief history, for those that don`t know this will be my 4th year running and apart from a short cross country career when I was 15 and 16 I didn`t run at all up until I was 39, unless it was from someone I upset. Well that`s not entirely true I did a little chasing over the years, wink, wink ;)

You know my PBs, listed on this blog, and I can tell you that I want to go as far as I can go in this sport. While I will not rule out divorce I`m not sure if willing to give up beer ;)

Anyways any advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance.


  1. If I were you, I would decide exactly when I was going to go sub-3 (eg Dec 2009, Apr 2010) and commit 100% to that and make it the primary focus of my running.

    Once that is set, everything else will fall in to place.

  2. Glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time.

    As to your question, I have 3 words for you.





  3. Well, first up I think you should come to Canberra next April and run the marathon. Then we can all get together at the post race party and discuss your future over a beer or three.

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Birthday. Can't give any advice about turning 43 as I'm not there yet myself ;)

    Keep running. Make sure that you enjoy your running whatever goals you pursue, I think that's the key to staying motivated.

  5. You don't have to give up beer Scott. Just cut back on your 6-pack a day habit.

    43 is a good age to run PBs. It's not so easy at 50. In the end, you have to decide what you want to do. A big base will set you up, so start now. Sub-3 is possible (and you'll break your other PBs along the way). I would have loved a sub-3, and I think it was possible at 43.

    Occasional black fish will be worth it.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  6. Happy birthday, nice place to spend it!

    I'd go with all of the above:
    1. Come to Canberra next year (I'm planning on being there next year too);
    2. ENJOY running, cause otherwise planned times will become impossible;
    3. Decide what times you want to do and go for it.

    I don't have that much experience in marathons, but as far as I can tell from others, there is no reason that you can't build up to sub-3 over the next couple of years - as long as you still ENJOY it!

  7. You are just a youngster yet Scott. Take your time and just keep on building. Set some goals, achieve them and set some more. Find someone who can run a bit better than you, train with them until you beat them then repeat.

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    43 Years Young. Hope you are enjoying the break and using it for what it should be used for - a break!!!!!

    PS. I'm with Tess - come to Canberra :)

  9. Happy Birthday for next Thursday, I always forget we're the same age... it's not so bad 43!

    I can't give you any advice either but you could come to Canberra next year and you and Mr lulu can try to crack the 3 hours together.

  10. I would have to agree with jen_runs.

    If I were you I`d do Six Foot Track.

  11. What Jen said :)